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  1. Graham Prophet EDN A highly-accurate absolute pressure sensor from Omron Electronic Components Europe can detect height differences of as little as 50 cm. Based on Omron's MEMs technology, the tiny sensor module can measure altitude, atmospheric ...
  2. G7L and G8P relays ideal for renewable energy applications. Relays play a principal role in effective energy management, ensuring that systems or sub-systems are fully powered down and use no energy when they are not in use. The power efficiency of ...
    Relay » Omron » G7L, G8P
  3. Silent relay for the home automation marketTo address growing demand in the home automation market, Omron has introduced a quiet version of its popular G5RL power relay, aimed specifically at applications ranging from panel heaters to video games, ...
    Relay · Power » Omron » G5RL-LN

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