High Precision Linear Power Amplifier Delivers New Levels of Power Density Yet Unseen in SIP Form-Factor

Apex PA22

The PA22 from Apex Microtechnology establishes a new benchmark in power amplifier performance for a variety of applications where high speed and short-term power dissipation is a must. With this device, designers are offered exceptional power handling capability by meeting high supply voltage demands, driving substantial current levels, and providing a remarkable internal power dissipation capacity. The PA22 delivers these features in a space-saving SIP package, providing users with a new standard of linear power amplifier for high pulse current applications.

Apex - PA22

The PA22 provides a peak current capability of 13.6 amps, can handle a maximum supply voltage of 250 volts, and offers an internal power dissipation of 250 watts. Its novel design allows for easy and reliable mechanical mounting and thermal interfacing with industry standard heat sink techniques, also enabling strong performance even when socketed. This amplifier is equipped with output temperature sensing and current limit, providing users further control in its operation and system integration.

A wide range of target applications include; automatic test equipment, high pulse current, piezo electric positioning, deformable mirror focus, electrostatic transducers, and applications with programmable voltage or current sources.

Availability, & Evaluation Tools

The PA22 is currently in volume production with sample units available for qualified applications. To support rapid prototyping and device evaluation Apex offers the EK79 evaluation kit for PA22.

EK79 Evaluation Kit
EK79 Evaluation Kit.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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