Texas Instruments introduces highly-efficient and Low IQ Buck Converter in 1.5-mm × 2-mm QFN Package

Texas Instruments TPS62902

Texas Instruments has introduced the highly-efficient, small, flexible and easy-to-use synchronous step-down DC-DC converter TPS62902. A selectable switching frequency of 2.5 MHz or 1.0 MHz allows the use of small inductors and provides fast transient response. The device supports high VOUT accuracy of ±1% with DCS-Control topology. The wide input voltage range of 3-V to 17-V supports a variety of nominal inputs, like 12-V supply rails, single-cell or multi-cell Li-Ion, and 5-V or 3.3-V rails.

Texas Instruments - TPS62902

The TPS62902 can automatically enter power save mode (if auto PFM/PWM is selected) at light loads to maintain high efficiency. Additionally, to provide high efficiency at very small loads, the device has a low typical quiescent current of 4 μA. AEE, if enabled, provides high efficiency across VIN, VOUT, and load current. The device includes a S-CONF/MODE input to set the internal/external divider, switching frequency, output voltage discharge, and automatic power save mode or forced PWM operation. The device is available in small 9-pin VQFN package measuring 1.50 mm × 2.00 mm with 0.5-mm pitch.


  • High efficiency for wide duty cycle and load range
    • IQ: 4 μA typical
    • Selectable switching frequency of 2 5 MHz and 1.0 MHz
    • RDS(ON): 62-mΩ high side, 22-mΩ low side
    • Automatic efficiency enhancement (AEE)
  • Small 1.5-mm × 2.0-mm VQFN package with 0.5-mm pitch
  • Up to 2-A continuous output current
  • ±0.9% feedback voltage accuracy across temp (–40 °C to 150 °C)
  • Configurable output voltage options:
    • VFB external divider: 0.6 V to 5.5 V
    • VSET internal divider: 16 options between 0.4 V and 5.5 V
  • DCS-Control™ topology with 100% mode
  • Highly flexible and easy to use
    • Optimized pinout for single-layer routing
    • Precise enable input
    • Forced PWM or auto power save mode
    • Power good output
    • Selectable active output discharge
    • Adjustable soft start and tracking
  • No external bootstrap capacitor required


  • Factory automation and control
  • Building automation
  • Data center and enterprise computing
TPS6290xEVM-069 Evaluation Module
TPS6290xEVM-069 Evaluation Module.

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