Texas Instruments Introduces Industry's Most Power Efficient Synchronous Buck Drivers for Computing, Telecom and Merchant Power Supply Applications

Texas Instruments UCC27221 UCC27222

Texas Instruments introduced today two new synchronous buck drivers for high-efficiency, non-isolated, low output voltage DC/DC converters. Providing system power designers up to four percent more efficiency and up to 40 percent improved heat dissipation, each driver can be used with 12V or 5V input systems, or with 3.3V input systems with higher bias rail, to generate lower output voltages for central processing units (CPU), general computer, data communications, telecommunications and general merchant power supply applications.

The UCC27221 and UCC27222 drivers, which produce ±3A of output drive current for efficient power MOSFET switching at the critical Miller plateau region, employ TIґs Predictive Gate DriveTM control technology to reduce diode conduction and reverse recovery losses in the synchronous rectifier metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFET(s)). This proven technology employs a closed loop feedback system that detects body-diode conduction, and adjusts dead time delays in the next switching cycle to minimize the conduction time interval in synchronous rectifiers.

Both drivers incorporate TIґs hybrid TrueDriveTM output stage with paralleled bipolar and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) transistors to allow efficient current delivery at low supply voltages. The UCC27221 has an inverted pulse-width modulation (PWM) input while the UCC27222 has a non-inverting PWM input. Latch up and electrostatic discharge protection circuitries are also included.

Additional Features:

  • On-board gate drive regulator of 6.5V to drive a wide range of external MOSFETs
  • Provides 60ns adjustment range for each of gate drive delays with 4ns step size
  • ±3A TrueDrive output architecture to provide high currents for fast switching of external MOSFETs
  • 17ns typical rise and fall times with 2.2nf load
  • 4.15V to 20V supply voltage
  • -40°C to 105°C Range

UCC27221 and UCC27222 are available in volume from TI and its authorized distributors in a thermally enhanced low profile HTSSOP-14 PowerPADTM (PWP) package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 units is $1.25. Evaluation modules are currently available at power.ti.com.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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