New LUXEON SkyBlue LED solution simplifies and speeds development of Human-Centric Lighting

Lumileds LUXEON SkyBlue

Lumileds and BIOS unite their expertise to achieve LED efficacy, color consistency and melanopic ratios that will drive development and adoption of circadian lighting

Lumileds announced the immediate availability of its new LED human-centric lighting solution – LUXEON SkyBlue. In partnership with BIOS Lighting, Lumileds has engineered a circadian lighting solution that delivers superior melanopic ratios at comfortable CCTs – 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K – with industry-leading efficacy and uniformity at the lowest solution cost. The new solution comprised of LUXEON SkyBlue and white LUXEON 3030 HE Plus LEDs eliminates the challenging technical and spectral analysis and engineering and enables a single-channel driver to support circadian lighting.

Lumileds - LUXEON SkyBlue

LUXEON SkyBlue is specified by CCT for melanopic ratio, CRI and R9, efficacy, and luminous flux and produces light within a 3 MacAdam ellipse space. Lumileds unique knowledge eliminates the complex analysis, binning, and supply chain issues that typically challenge a luminaire manufacturer and add to the cost and complexity of developing a solution.

CCT M/P ratio CRI/R9 Luminous efficacy Luminous flux
0.74 – 0.94 CRI: 83-85
R9: 90
148 – 160 58 – 64


“Integrating BIOS Lighting’s expertise in circadian lighting spectral requirements with Lumileds expertise in LED and solution development enabled this breakthrough approach to luminaire development,” said Willem Sillevis-Smitt, Head of Marketing. “Our direct access to the full production from our factories and the detailed information we have about every LED allows us to dramatically simplify engineering for OEMs. LUXEON SkyBlue is simply the fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective path to producing a circadian lighting luminaire.”

Luxeon SkyBlue Kit Spectral Power Distribution
Luxeon SkyBlue Kit Spectral Power Distribution.

“As the science has progressed, HCL (Human Centric Lighting) has quickly risen in importance for both lighting designers and end-users,” said Mark McClear, COO at BIOS Lighting. “Only spectrally optimized circadian lighting delivers the specific and measurable physiological impact that is desired in schools, offices, factories, health-care settings, and similar locations. “

Lumileds - LUXEON SkyBlue

LUXEON SkyBlue is available for immediate sampling and production.

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