Latest 1-Form-B Photorelay from Toshiba Offers 1.2 A On-State Current Rating

Toshiba TLP4590A

Toshiba Electronics Europe has further strengthened its extensive optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new photorelay. Supplied in a compact DIP6 package, the TLP4590A provides engineers with a more convenient and reliable alternative to conventional mechanical relays. This 1-Form-B (normally closed) photorelay has an on-state current rating of 1.2 A, which represents a 140% improvement on the company’s previous-generation TLP4176A device. In addition, it has a 60 V off-state output terminal voltage rating. Its sensitivity is enhanced thanks to the low trigger LED current of 2 mA (maximum) exhibited.

Toshiba - TLP4590A

Among the key applications for these photorelays are those relating to building automation - including heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems, as well as fire alarms. They can also be used in various forms of industrial equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), I/O interfaces and sensor control hardware. Their 5,000 Vrms (minimum) isolation voltage allows them to be employed in situations where elevated levels of insulation performance are required, while support for a –40 °C to 110 °C operational temperature range enables them to be installed within harsh environments.

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