Menlo Micro Delivers World's Highest Power MEMS Switch

Menlo Micro MM9200

With kilowatt power handling, MM9200 is the industry’s highest power micromechanical switch poised to revolutionize smart power and energy distribution

Menlo Micro introduced the world’s first micromechanical power switch capable of handling 10 A in a miniature 5 mm × 5 mm surface-mount package. With its ultra-low 0.010 ohm contact resistance, the new MM9200 is the lowest-loss and highest power capable micro-mechanical switch ever created.

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Menlo Micro - MM9200

The MM9200 targets a wide range of applications including industrial automation, smart building controls, advanced energy management systems, and many other space-constrained power distribution applications. The Ideal Switch’s scalable design and process technology allow designers to reimagine power distribution from micro-grid to smart circuit breakers all the way to smart point of load switching, enabling total management and control with a virtually loss-less solution.

The Ideal Switch exhibits extreme mechanical endurance typically in the billions of switching cycles, which provides 1,000x better lifetime than traditional electromechanical relays. This reliability, and its arc-free capability can reduce unplanned maintenance and replacement costs while bringing safety innovations not previously possible for industrial automation applications. In addition, the device’s 10 µs actuation speed is more than 1,000x faster than its electromechanical equivalent, enabling entirely new concepts for power switching and protection.

“Menlo Micro continues to innovate with the industry’s highest power rated micro-mechanical power switch ever brought to market”, said Chris Giovanniello, co-founder and SVP of Marketing, Menlo Micro. “With the MM9200 we are breaking entirely new ground, integrating more than 400 individual switches to support kilowatts of power in a small surface-mount package. With this extreme miniaturization and power density, Menlo Micro will play a pivotal role in increasing the energy efficiency, functionality, and reliability of a wide array of smart power and energy distribution applications.”

Like all Menlo Micro Ideal Switch products, the MM9200 employs true metal-to-metal contacts which reduce losses and power dissipation by more than 90% when compared to solid-state devices. This design, combined with the Ideal Switch electrostatic drive, makes the MM9200 the most power efficient, and space efficient high-power switch in the market.

MM9200 Product Highlights

  • Low on-state resistance: 10 mΩ
  • Continuous carry current (AC or DC): ±10 A
  • Voltage standoff (AC or DC): ±300 V
  • Fast switching time: 10 μs to open, 10 μs to close
  • Mechanical endurance: 1 billion switching operations
  • QFN and low-profile 5 mm × 5 mm WL-CSP package options available


Menlo Micro has begun working with early-access customers in the evaluation of the MM9200. Evaluation boards and engineering samples for general sampling will be available in 1H 2023.

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