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New PMR Audio Processor Delivers Unrivalled Performance

CML Microcircuits » CMX148

CML Microcircuits has announced the addition of a new PMR Audio and Data Processor, the CMX148, to its family of analogue two-way radio ICs. This device is intended for use in general leisure and professional PMR terminals, particularly enhanced MURS/GMRS/FRS with GPS terminal designs.

CML Microcircuits - CMX148

The new CMX148 provides maximum support to systems where the sub-audio signalling is managed within the microcontroller.


  • Concurrent Audio/Signalling/Data Operations
  • Complete Audio-band Processing including Compandor
  • Programmable Voice Scrambler
  • MSK/FFSK Data Modem with Packet and Freeformat Modes with FEC, CRC, Interleaving and Scrambling
  • DTMF and Audio Tone Encoder/Decoder
  • Sub-audio Signalling Filters for CTCSS and DCS
  • Routing for Host µC Signalling

For a datasheet and product support information, please visit
To download the accompanying hi-res product image, please click this link.

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