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  1. CML introduces a new generation of ultra-low power voice codecs for high quality ‘always on’ voice applications CML Microcircuits introduces the next generation in voice codecs, aimed at existing telephony and emerging high quality ...
  2. CML Microcircuits is pleased to offer a new product from its Sicomm Technologies design centre. Strengthening CML’s presence in the Mobile Radio market, the SCT3258TD is a highly integrated baseband solution that includes both DMR and dPMR ...
  3. CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the release of the CMX975 2.7 GHz Up/Down Converter expanding its RF Building Block IC range. The CMX975 is an enabler for small form factor high frequency RF transceiver designs, operating up to 2.7 GHz, ...
    RF » CML Microcircuits » CMX975
  4. CML expands RF power amp family with ultra-compact device for 130 MHz to 700 MHz CMX902 IC combines high gain and high efficiency with small footprint. The CMX902 is ideally suited for VHF and low UHF radio applications such as data modules, marine ...
    RF » CML Microcircuits » CMX902
  5. CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the release of the CMX979 Dual PLL + VCO IC further expanding the company’s RF portfolio. The CMX979 is a low power dual RF/IF synthesiser + VCO that provide signal generation over a wide range of ...
    RF » CML Microcircuits » CMX979
  6. CML Microcircuits has released the CMX994A and CMX994E Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) ICs. The CMX994A and CMX994E are RF receiver Integrated Circuits (ICs) featuring I/Q demodulators with low power consumption and high performance features. ...
    RF · Wireless » CML Microcircuits » CMX994A, CMX994E
  7. CML Microcircuits has released a new low-power, Digital Radio Processor specifically targeted at 2-slot TDMA digital radio systems, including Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The new CMX7161 is built on CML’s FirmASIC ® technology with ...
  8. CML Microcircuits has announced the addition of a new PMR Audio and Data Processor, the CMX148 , to its family of analogue two-way radio ICs. This device is intended for use in general leisure and professional PMR terminals, particularly enhanced ...
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