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Holtek HT45F23/HT45F43 New Tinypower Flash MCUs with OPA

Holtek » HT45F23, HT45F43

Holtek Semiconductor in its continual strive for excellence in the area of MCU development, has now released a new series of ultra low power consumption A/D type Flash MCUs, the HT45F23 and HT45F43. Both devices fully meet the industrial grade specified temperature range of −40°C ~ +85°C and have excellent noise immunity in addition to using Holtek’s Tinypower technology that greatly reduces device power consumption. Using its integrated In-Circuit Programming function, program upgrades can be easily implemented while the internal EEPROM Memory can be used to store data such as calibration information or other data, which will be retained even after power removal. The data can be programmed during either the production process or during normal device operation offering possibilities for increased production efficiency and product flexibility.

Holtek: HT45F23, HT45F43

The devices contain a Flash Program Memory capacity of 2K words, a Data Memory EEPROM capacity of 64 bytes, 128 bytes of SRAM Data Memory, 22 I/O ports and a 6 channel 12-bit high speed A/D Converter which can implement an A/D conversion cycle within 16 A/D Converter clock cycles. Further analog functions include two internal Comparators along with two Operational Amplifiers with a PGA function, allowing their gain to be setup using the application program between a range of 1~56.

The oscillator functions in the devices include not only high frequency crystal and external RC oscillators but also a 32768Hz crystal oscillator and a fully integrated RC fixed frequency oscillator. This latter internal RC oscillator offers a choice of 5 different frequency selections and has an accuracy of up to ±2% (under constant temperature and voltage) and requires no external components whatsoever for its implementation. A 4-level Low Voltage Reset and 8-level Low Voltage Detector provide additional features to safeguard the MCU against malfunction due to noise interference. An internal SPI/I2C interface together with a 12-bit DAC open up the possibility o f easy voice function implementation.

In the area of packaging, the devices are provided in 16-pin NSOP, 20-pin SSOP and 24-pin SSOP package formats. The ultra low power consumption and high level of functional integration in the devices make them extremely suitable for products with low power, small area and low cost requirements. Such application areas include home security products, power-saving electrical appliances, portable products, industrial control products, consumer electronics and automotive peripheral products to name but a few.

As is the case for the full Holtek microcontroller device range, this new series of devices arrives fully supported by Holtek’s suite of Windows based HT-IDE300 functional hardware and software development tools. The tools include a hardware In-circuit Emulator complete with functions such as breakpoint setting, trace analysis etc. as well as an integrated device programmer. With the provision of a range of application examples, designers will have at their ready disposal all the necessary tools and support to ensure that their applications are developed and debugged in the most efficient way possible.

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