Fairchild Semiconductor's New Family of 3.3V and 5V Split Darlington Optocouplers Offer Low Power Consumption and High Performance for RS-232 to 3.3V Logic Interfacing


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October 6, 2003 - Fairchild Semiconductor announces the expansion of its family of split darlington optocouplers with five new products in both single- dual-channel configurations offering 3.3V or 5V operation voltages for low power consumption. The dual-channel HCPL0730, HCPL0731 optocouplers offer 5V operation and SOIC-8 packaging for optimum mounting density. The single-channel FOD070L, FOD270L and dual channel FOD073L devices, at 3.3V operation voltage, further reduce power consumption by 33%, versus conventional 5V parts. Fairchild's new darlington optocouplers are pin-for-pin compatible with other leading suppliers' HCPL devices. Typical applications for these products include RS-232 line receiver, LVTTL to LVCMOS interfacing, AC line voltage status indicator, ground loop isolation, and data multiplexing applications.

These darlington optocouplers utilize a split darlington output configuration separating the input photodiode and first stage gain from the output transistor, to permit lower output saturation voltage (0.1V) and higher-speed operation than traditional darlington phototransistor optocouplers. Fairchild's new family of optocouplers offer low input current (0.5mA), high (1800% typical) current transfer ratio (CTR), high standard isolation voltage rating (5KV in single channel 8-pin DIP) and guaranteed performance over a wide (0-70°C) temperature range.  In the dual channel devices, a resistor integrated between the emitter and base of each output transistor provides superior temperature stability.

Product Information:

ProductDual/Single ChannelSupply Voltage (input current 0.5mA)Package TypePrice $US (1000 pcs)

Availability: 6 weeks lead time. Samples available now.

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