Fairchild Semiconductor's New Family of Ultra-Compact, High-Speed Optocouplers Deliver Superior CMR Performance


Press Release Graphic October 13, 2003 - Fairchild Semiconductor announces the release of the FODM452 and the FODM453, the first products in a new family of high-speed transistor optocouplers providing the highest common mode noise rejection (CMR) available, as well as the lowest package profile.  Their unique coplanar construction allows these optocouplers to offer a CMR that is 30% superior to similar products, and their 5-pin, mini-flat packaging (MFP) housing reduces package volume by 35%, compared to commonly used 8-pin, SOIC-packaged optocouplers.  Additional performance benefits of the FODM452 and FODM453 include high bandwidth (1Mb/s) and fast switching (<1мs turn-on/turn-off).  The advanced performance and small package size of these new optocouplers make them ideal for line receiver, output interface to CMOS-LSTTL-TTL, pulse transformer replacement, and wide bandwidth analog coupling applications.

The FODM452 and the FODM453 contain a high-speed transistor photodetector coupled with a high-efficiency, infrared light emitting diode.  The products' photodiode is separated from the collector of the transistor to significantly improve bandwidth, compared to traditional phototransistor detectors.  These optocouplers are able to offer a superior CMR performance by using a proprietary shielding method on the silicon photodetector, as well as by using coplanar packaging construction; a technique that places the input and output lead frames on a single plane--as opposed to conventional over-under construction that places the input and output leadframes in parallel.  Coplanar packaging reduces the surface area across the isolation barrier and the separation between input and output leadframes, thus lowering the input to output capacitance.  This lower capacitance reduces the ability for noise to get coupled through the package.

Price: FODM452: US$0.80 (1,000 pcs); FODM453: US$0.83 (1,000 pcs)
Availability: 6 weeks lead time. Samples available now.

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