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  1. AVX Corporation has introduced the worlds smallest and lowest profile tantalum capacitor: the new sub-millimeter 0201 TACmicrochip. Measuring only 0.6mm × 0.35mm × 0.35mm, the new 0201 E case TACmicrochip Series SMD tantalum capacitors ...
    Capacitors » AVX » TACmicrochip
  2. AVX Corporation recently developed two new high frequency ultra-broadband inductor (UBL) series. Designated the GLM and GLN Series, the unique components provide extremely low insertion loss and excellent matching over multiple octaves of the ...
    Discretes » AVX » GLM, GLN
  3. AVX Corporation has introduced a new series of low profile, best in class 0805 MLO™ diplexers. Based on its patented multilayer organic high density interconnect technology, AVX’s new MLO diplexers incorporate high dielectric constant ...

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