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  1. We are very proud to release Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and updated cores for all supported platforms (AVR 1.6.9, SAM 1.6.5, SAMD 1.6.2) This update brings an impressive 723 closed issues and 147 pull requests merged. Most intriguing features are: ...
  2. Folks have been using the popular Arduino DIY computing platform to build robots and all sorts of other simple computing devices for a while. Arduino boards are inexpensive and relatively easy to use devices with support for a range of sensors and ...
    MCU open-source platforms · Robots » Arduino » Arduino Robot kit
  3. Massimo Banzi, the Italian cofounder of the electronics project that he named Arduino in honor of the place, announced it some minutes ago during his annual “The state of Arduino” presentation at Maker Faire Bay Area: Arduino Yún ...

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