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Company: "Diodes Incorporated"
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  1. Diodes Incorporated introduced the DGD21xx series of devices. These six half-bridge and six high/low-side 600 V gate drivers provide a simple means of switching power MOSFETs and IGBTs in half- and full-bridge configurations. Target applications ...
  2. Diodes Incorporated introduced the ZXRE330 . This 3.3 V shunt voltage reference helps achieve improvements in both stability and power consumption for portable instrumentation and battery-powered equipment such as notebook computers. Pin-compatible ...
  3. The ZXTR2000 Diodes family are high-voltage linear regulator transistors that boost power circuit densities, through reductions in component count and footprint. With the ability to take 100 V input and generate a fixed output voltages of 5 V, 8 V ...
  4. Suits Low-Current Lighting Systems Diodes Incorporated announced the AL5812 60V linear LED driver. The AL5812 delivers a constant current of up to 150mA and provides designers of lowcurrent illumination and signage applications with a simplified ...
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