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  1. MaxLinear announced that the hardware compression solution offered by the MaxLinear XR9240 coprocessor will support the Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash storage array portfolio. The XR9240’s parallel data processing engines enable today’s ...
    Processors » Exar » XR9240
  2. Features low 180 µA supply current at 3.3 V with current shutdown mode reducing consumption to less than 2 µA Offers up to 20 Mbps data rate, fast propagation delay and excellent package-to-package skew times for improved operation in ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR33193, XR33194, XR33195
  3. Feature low 100 mA and 167 mA supply current (4-port and 7-port) with all ports active Industry's smallest pin-count and footprint options for USB 2.0 seven and four port hubs Exar Corporation announced a family of USB 2.0 hubs that consume the ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR22404, XR22417
  4. Supports broader range of RS-232 peripherals with wide 10 V RS-232 driver output Reduces component count and saves board space as a result of integrated cable termination Supports full DB9 RS-232 or RS-485/RS-422 serial protocols from one IC Exar ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR34350
  5. Exar's first Universal PMIC with three integrated synchronous MOSFET power stages Board-space efficient solution supports broad range of FPGAs and SoC processors Configurable through I 2 C using PowerArchitect 4 design and configuration software ...
    Supply · Power » Exar » XR77103ELB, XR77103ELB-A0R5, XR77103ELB-A1R0
  6. Exar Corporation announces the XR18910 , the latest addition to its family of analog front end sensor interfaces, which integrates high channel count and functionality in a tiny 3.5 mm × 3.5 mm footprint. The XR18910 provides 14-bit signal ...
    Sensors · Interfaces » Exar » XR18910
  7. Exar Corporation introduces a new family of +60 V fault protected RS-485/RS-422 (TIA-485/TIA-422) transceivers able to withstand direct shorts and achieve overvoltage protection with no external components. Designed for improved performance in ...
    Interfaces · Automation » Exar » XR33053, XR33152, XR33156, XR33158
  8. Exar Corporation announces the XR33202 , a half-duplex, 20 Mbps RS-485 (TIA/EIA-485) transceiver optimized to operate over a wide 3 V to 5.5 V supply voltage range. The transceiver includes an adjustable low voltage logic interface and features the ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR33202
  9. Exar Corporation expanded its industry-leading offering of AC step driver solutions for LED bulbs with the introduction of the XR46073 . The XR46073 is a two-step LED current controller for AC step driving with improved line regulation primarily ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Exar » XR46073
  10. Exar Corporation announced the release of the VRC7008E Digital Video Recorder (DVR) PCI Express (PCIe) add-in card. Designed for professional video surveillance applications, the VRC7008E card features the Exar S7100 software configurable processor ...
    Security · Video » Exar » VRC7008E
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