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Company: "Figaro"
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  1. The GS YUASA oxygen sensor SK-25 from Figaro is a unique galvanic cell type oxygen sensor. Its most notable features are no influence from CO2, good linearity up to 30% Oxygen, and excellent chemical durability. This feature makes the sensor ideal ...
    Sensors » Figaro » SK-25
  2. Detection range of Figaro's solid electrolyte carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) sensor TGS4160 and TGS4161 has been widened as follows: TGS4160 : up to 5 Vol % of CO 2 TGS4161 : up to 1 Vol % of CO 2 As a result, the application field has been expanded ...
    Sensors · Automation » Figaro » TGS4160, TGS4161

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