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  1. GreenPeak’s low-cost lighting solution is future-proof for multiple communication protocols GreenPeak Technologies has launched its wireless LED Lighting solution, a low-cost ambient lighting application based on the new GreenPeak GP651 ...
    Wireless · Wireless · Light » GreenPeak » GP651
  2. New radio chips and integrated modules allow design engineers to quickly and easily add Smart Home/IoT capabilities to their devices and solutions GreenPeak Technologies launched the new GP691 ZigBee communication controller chip and GPM6000 ...
    RF · Wireless » GreenPeak » GP691, GPM6000
  3. GreenPeak Technologies , a leading fabless semiconductor company, today announced the first reference design for an RF4CE USB stick for the integration of RF4CE technology in PC’s and home entertainment applications like set-top boxes, ...
    Wireless · Wireless » GreenPeak » RF4CE USB Stick

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