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Company: "Kingbright"
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  1. Features: Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.0 x 4.4mm Full portfolio of color and white LEDs Electrically isolated thermal path Super high flux output and high luminance Designed for high current operation Low thermal resistance Compatible with IR-reflow ...
    Light · Optoelectronics » Kingbright » KTDG-9071
  2. Kingbright's KAX-5060 series has developed with enhanced power for enormous demand in industry. There are single color KA-5060 and multi-color ( bi-color or full color ) KAA-5060 on SMD type, also we provide full color on KAF-5060 with 6-pin DIP ...
    Electronic components » Kingbright » KA-5060, KA└-5060, KAF-5060
  3. Kingbright is introducing the new product, photo coupler KB817 & KB814 series, general-purpose high isolation voltage between input and output, single transistor type, compact dual-in-line package (1 to 4 channel type). They are optically coupled ...
  4. With enormous demand for compact size display worldwide. Kingbright has advanced the start-of-the-art designs and developed the new display technology, the thinnest and brightest SMD LED displays. The flat pad design with an inner connection ...
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