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  1. Maury Wright LEDs Magazine The cost-optimized LED-lamp design will allow the Initial supply from Home Depot to be distributed in a twin pack with customers receiving two 800-lm bulbs for $4.97. Philips Lighting has announced a new 60 W-equivalent ...
  2. First LED lamp prototype delivering 200 lumen per watt high quality light, halving the energy use compared to current LED lamps Royal Philips Electronics announces a new innovation in LED lighting, creating the world’s most energy-efficient ...
  3. Colored LED lighting that could be remotely controlled used to take professional installation and thousands of dollars; now, Philips ’ new hue system makes it as easy as screwing in a bulb. On sale initially exclusively through Apple Stores ...
    Homeware · Light » Philips » Philips Hue
  4. The new Fortimo LED Line range offers high energy efficiency, low cost and high quality lighting for applications in offices, industry and retail environments to rival fluorescent lighting With module efficacies over 115 lm/W, the new modules and ...
    Light » Philips » Fortimo LED Line
  5. Philips recently collaborated with the UK Highways Agency to install LED streetlights at a critical access road to improve visibility while reducing required maintenance Laura Peters Royal Philips Electronics recently collaborated with the UK ...
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