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Company: "Teledyne LeCroy"
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  1. New Touch Screen Capability, Long 5 Mpts Memory, and Unique Measurement Tools Simplify Design and Debug Teledyne LeCroy introduces the WaveJet Touch oscilloscope, providing an unprecedented combination of performance and price 500 MHz for $5,000. ...
    Measurement » Teledyne LeCroy » WaveJet 334T, WaveJet 354T
  2. Further, Finer, Faster - More channels, high-definition, and higher bandwidth are ideal for high-power three-phase power electronics systems analysis Teledyne LeCroy announces the HDO8000 oscilloscope product line with 8 analog input channels, ...
    Measurement » Teledyne LeCroy » HDO8000, HDO8038, HDO8058, HDO8108

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