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  1. Reduce PCB space up to 75 percent by minimizing component count in sensing and measurement applications with new MSP MCUs Texas Instruments (TI) customers can now extend battery life in sensing and measurement applications with the new MSP430FR2311 ...
  2. Wide frequency range of up to 9.8 GHz and best phase noise performance reduce system complexity Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's highest-performance phase-locked loops (PLLs) with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). ...
    RF · Wireless » Texas Instruments » LMX2582, LMX2592
  3. AutoTune technology dynamically tunes motors, and integrated current sensing saves 20 percent board space Texas Instruments (TI) enhanced its high-performance stepper motor-driver family with three new devices for 24-V stepper motors. Two devices ...
    Drivers · Power » Texas Instruments » DRV8880, DRV8881, DRV8884, DRV8885
  4. Lowest distortion and noise, high linear output current, and low power push the boundaries for professional and portable audio Texas Instruments (TI) introduced an audio operational amplifier (op amp) that sets the latest standard in audio ...
  5. Highly integrated battery management IC for hybrids, electric vehicles and grid storage, monitors up to 256 cells in series Texas Instruments introduced the industry's first integrated battery monitor and protector to measure 16 battery cells ...
    Supply » Texas Instruments » bq76PL455A-Q1
  6. TI's SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCUs now available with the lowest power and high RF performance for the IoT Texas Instruments announced the availability of the next device in the SimpleLink™ ultra-low power platform, ...
  7. Industry's first zero quiescent current solution for reverse polarity protection in industrial power tool and automotive applications Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first smart diode controller with zero quiescent current that ...
    Supply · Automotive · Power » Texas Instruments » LM74610-Q1
  8. High-speed redriver easily enables designers to reduce the size, cost and power consumption of automotive infotainment systems Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first stand-alone USB 2.0 redriver. The high-speed, bidirectional ...
  9. Motor driver family with integrated FETs simplifies design and saves power for 12- and 24-V motors Texas Instruments introduced a family of three brushed DC gate drivers featuring the industry's first device with integrated current sensing. With ...
    Drivers · Power » Texas Instruments » DRV8871, DRV8870, DRV8872
  10. TI's new AM57x family, along with the Processor SDK, brings unrivaled integration, scalability, peripherals and ease of use associated with the powerful Sitara processor platform Bringing developers advanced integration, scalability and peripherals ...
    Processors » Texas Instruments » Sitara AM57x
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