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  1. 700-nA quiescent current allows long-term, always-on functionality to help get more life out of your device Delivering optimal battery life while reducing power consumption, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a highly integrated battery management ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » bq25120
  2. TI's TM4C MCU family and new low-cost LaunchPad development kit with hardware-encryption security features provide the performance needed for a secure cloud connection Addressing the critical need for security in the Internet of Things (IoT), Texas ...
  3. Device reduces calibration effort, system cost, and footprint for test and measurement, communications load monitoring, and power supplies Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first current-sense amplifier to integrate a high-precision, ...
  4. Industry's first 16-bit 1-GSPS ADC, four-channel 14-bit 500-MSPS ADC, and 4.5-GHz DVGA with DC-coupling offer best-in-class signal analysis accuracy Texas Instruments (TI) announced the ADS54J60, the industry's first 16-bit 1-GSPS analog-to-digital ...
    ADC, DAC · Amplifiers » Texas Instruments » ADS54J60, ADS54J54, LMH6401
  5. TI's new multichannel devices simplify audio front-end design while reducing standby power consumption Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a family of six high-performance audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Featuring a dynamic range as high ...
    ADC, DAC · Audio » Texas Instruments » PCM1860, PCM1861, PCM1862, PCM1863, PCM1864, PCM1865
  6. Highly integrated MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers with LCD enable industrial automation and metering applications at a reduced system cost Overcoming a design hurdle that has burdened engineers for decades, Texas Instruments (TI) announced a ...
    Microcontrollers · Arduino » Texas Instruments » MSP430FR6972, bq25570, CC2650
  7. Legally blind high school junior says calculator changed her life Texas Instruments (TI) has received a 2015 Access Award from the American Federation for the Blind (AFB) for developing the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator that enables ...
  8. New devices enable precise position and motion sensing in almost any environment Texas Instruments (TI) announced the world's first multichannel inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs). The four new devices in the LDC1614 family expand the ...
    Data Convertors · Sensors » Texas Instruments » LDC1314, LDC1312, LDC1612, LDC1614, LDC1614EVM
  9. Highly integrated DC/DC converter for space-constrained automotive and communication applications features up to 95-percent efficiency Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a four-channel buck DC/DC converter with PMBus/I 2 C digital interface for ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » TPS65400
  10. Industry's smallest, high-efficiency 17-V DC/DC power solutions for industrial, communication and enterprise systems Texas Instruments (TI) introduced four new SIMPLE SWITCHER® nano power modules that redefine power supply design for ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LMZ21700, LMZ21701, LMZ20501, LMZ20502
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