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  1. XVF3000 devices and development kits target voice-enabled speakers XMOS Ltd announces the launch of the XVF3000 family of voice processors, which provide class-leading far-field voice capture using arrays of MEMS microphones. With optional support ...
    Processors · Audio » XMOS » XVF3000
  2. Industry-leading industrial interfaces expand the range of uniquely configurable xCORE multicore microcontrollers. XMOS announces that it has added Modbus and CANopen xSOFTip blocks to the rapidly expanding range of embedded industrial ...
  3. New 4-core device backed by comprehensive free design tools gives designers quick and easy access to the deterministic power of xCORE XMOS unveiled the world's lowest cost multicore microcontroller. The xCORE XS1-L4-64 integrates four 32-bit ...
    Microcontrollers » XMOS » xCORE XS1-L4-64
  4. World’s most comprehensive range of multicore microcontrollers allows engineers to choose number of cores, memory size, compute and price point. XMOS announces a significant extension in its range of general-purpose multicore ...
    Microcontrollers » XMOS » XS1-L6-64, XS1-L8-64, XS1-L8-128, XS1-L10-128, XS1-L12-128, XS1-L16-128
  5. XMOS announced a significant extension to its family of xCORE multicore microcontrollers, with the launch of three new USB-equipped products that address the processing and interfacing needs of a broad range of embedded applications. The new ...
    Microcontrollers » XMOS » XS1-U10-128, XS1-U12-128, XS1-U16-128
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