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  1. ZMD AG (ZMDI) announces the new ZSSC3018 High-Resolution 18-Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC). As a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, information technology and consumer applications, ZMDI ...
  2. ZMD AG (ZMDI) announces the new ZSSC4151. ZMDI is pleased to introduce a state-of-the-art sensor signal conditioner (SSC) capable of measuring full or half resistive bridge sensor signals and internal or external temperature sensors with analog ...
    Sensors · Automotive » ZMDI » ZSSC4151
  3. ZMDI announces the ZAMC4100, an intelligent actuator and motor controller IC with integrated motor drivers. ZMDI’s ZAMC4100 addresses the growing demand for intelligent actuator/motor control in industrial, medical and automotive ...
    Electronic components · Power » ZMDI » ZAMC4100
  4. ZMD AG (ZMDI) announces the ZSPM1509 single-phase, true-digital pulse-width modulator (PWM) power controller optimized for powering next generation networking, communication and industrial equipment. It is pre-configured for a power stage output of ...
    Supply · Power » ZMDI » ZSPM15xx, ZSPM1509
  5. ZMD AG (ZMDI), a Dresden-based semiconductor company that specializes in enabling energy-efficient solutions, announces the ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751 , two fully automotive-qualified, high-precision data-acquisition system basis chips (SBCs). As a ...
    Supply · Automotive · Power » ZMDI » ZSSC1750, ZSSC1751
  6. ZMDI today announces the launch of the ZSSC3027 , a leading-edge 16-bit sensor signal conditioning IC (SSC) with an integrated 18-bit digital signal processor (DSP) for linearization and calibration functions. As a global supplier of analog and ...
    Sensors · MEMS » ZMDI » ZSSC3027
  7. ZMDI announces the product release of an energy-efficient DC/DC regulator for non-isolated step-down applications. The ZSPM4023 is a single-phase buck regulator with integrated driver and power FETs, capable of leveraging a wide input voltage range ...
    Supply · Power » ZMDI » ZSPM4023
  8. ZMD AG (ZMDI), a Dresden-based semiconductor company announces the release of the ZSPM4551, a DC/DC synchronous switching lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery charger. As a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, ...
    Supply · Power » ZMDI » ZSPM4551
  9. ZMD AG has announced availability of the ZLED7320 , a new member of its high current ZLED7x20 family of 40V LED-Driver-ICs. The ZLED7320, which operates at up to 98% efficiency and is available in a small-footprint DFN-5 package, is designed to ...
    Supply · Light · Power » ZMDI » ZLED7002, ZLED7320, ZLED7330
  10. Gabriele Taschler ZMDI applies its mixed-signal expertise to enable LED lighting efficiency ZMDI AG, a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, and medical applications, today announced its entry into the LED ...
    Light · Drivers » ZMDI » ZLED7000, ZLED7001, ZLED7010
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