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  1. CR-8000 2015.1 is now available Zuken helps product designers meet the challenges of today’s ever-smaller and complex enclosures, with 3D clearance analysis using true component shapes. True 3D checks of multi-board designs can be carried out ...
    CAD & Software » Zuken » CR-8000
  2. CADSTAR Essential Intuitive Schematic and PCB Design Suite Available Now Zuken has launched an entry-level schematic and PCB design bundle as part of the CADSTAR family of products. CADSTAR Essential is a complete schematic and PCB design tool ...
  3. Zuken announces CADSTAR 15. With high-speed interfaces now almost universal, easing their implementation is vital. CADSTAR’s P.R.Editor now supports impedance balanced routing that simplifies the implementation of high-speed interfaces. ...
    CAD & Software » Zuken » CADSTAR
  4. CADSTAR Touch App and enhanced pusher routing available now In a first for the EDA market, Zuken has launched a PCB design productivity app that allows today’s generation of PCB designers to interact with layouts using their own tablet or ...
    CAD & Software » Zuken » CADSTAR
  5. Zuken announces a new version of Board Modeler Lite that offers significant productivity enhancements during board layout design. Board Modeler Lite 6.1 available now with CADSTAR 13.0 bridges the process between MCAD and ECAD design flows by ...
  6. Zuken has extended its OpenDoor agreement with Mentor Graphics by participating as a partner in the recently-formed ODB++ Solutions Alliance. The ODB++ Solutions Alliance provides a focal point for further technological development and adoption of ...
  7. The latest release of CADSTAR version 13.0, Zuken’s PCB Design Software, is available now. In a tight market where PCB designers need to achieve more in the same amount of time, CADSTAR 13.0 offers an unprecedented level of new, user-driven ...
    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) · CAD & Software » Zuken » CADSTAR 13.0, CADSTAR Express
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