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  1. PTAC240502FC is the latest addition to Infineon's RF LDMOS transistors for applications in the 2300-2400 MHz frequency band. This device provides two asymmetric paths (17 W+33 W) enabling high-efficiency and compact Doherty amplifier designs. With ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » PTAC240502FC
  2. Designers building Bluetooth Smart® devices or modules can accelerate project completion, maximize system performance, and minimize solution size using STMicroelectronics ’ new integrated balun, the BALF-NRG-01D3 . As a companion chip to ...
    RF · Wireless » STMicroelectronics » BALF-NRG-01D3
  3. IDT’s Latest RF Signal Path Solution Features Zero-Distortion™ Technology to Deliver Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption Modulator Integrated Device Technology introduced a new IQ modulator that delivers the industry’s ...
    RF · Wireless » IDT » IDTF1650
  4. Analog Devices , Inc. announced a low-power radio transceiver featuring a set of configuration profiles that allow radio performance optimization, reducing system development time and shortening time-to-market by months. The ADF7024 transceiver is ...
    RF · Wireless » Analog Devices » ADF7024
  5. Mini-Circuits’ new TSS-53LNB+ ultra-wideband, low noise bypass amplifier achieves a new level of performance to meet your MMIC amplifier needs for applications from commercial wireless and instrumentation to military and more! This ...
    RF · Wireless » Mini-Circuits » TSS-53LNB+
  6. NXP Semiconductors announced the launch of its ninth generation (Gen9) LDMOS RF power transistors for wireless/cellular base stations. These ground-breaking devices represent a further step-up in performance for LDMOS transistors, having shown up ...
    RF · Discretes » NXP » LDMOS RF, BLC9G27LS-150 AV
  7. Infineon has launched a new line of 2.6 GHz LDMOS transistors that support LTE applications. The new transistors offer excellent gain, high efficiency and high peak power. They cover a wide range of output powers from 25 W to 280 W and are ...
    RF » Infineon » PTFC260202FC, PTAC260302FC, PTFC261402FC, PTFC262157FH, PTFC262808FV
  8. Mini-Circuits MMIC amplifier line continues to grow with the release of the VNA-28A+ high-directivity MMIC amplifier. This model covers 500 2500 MHz with 18 dB typical directivity, making it suitable as a low cost isolator to minimize the ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » VNA-28A+
  9. Infineon's new PTVA104501EH LDMOS transistor is designed to provide 450 W output power across the 960-1215 MHz avionics frequency band (measured with 128 µsec, 10% DC pulse). It offers high gain of 17 dB and 57% efficiency. PTVA104501EH is ...
    RF » Infineon » PTVA104501EH
  10. Avago Technologies' ALM-GN001 is an ultra low noise GNSS front-end module that combines a low noise amplifier with a GNSS FBAR pre-LNA filter. The low noise figure and high gain, coupled with low current consumption, make the module suitable for ...
    RF » Avago » ALM-GN001

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