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  1. EDK 350U is a comprehensive tool enabling the fastest development of batteryless wireless solutions EnOcean announced the availability of its new developer kit, EDK 350U , for the North American market. The kit covers the entire product range in ...
    RF · Wireless » EnOcean » EDK 350U, EDK 350C, EDK 350
  2. Wireless sensor technology with a range of 15 km (9 miles) demonstrated at European Utility Week in Amsterdam IBM and Semtech Corporation announced a significant advancement in wireless technology, combining IBM software and Semtech hardware to ...
    RF · Wireless » IBM · Semtech » Mote Runner, SX127x
  3. Embedded serial to WiFi module integrates a M3 Cortex host processor, Broadcom’s BCM44362 WICED and an embedded processor. Radicom Research’s RW8200 Embedded WiFi Module supports Serial, SPI and optional USB interfaces. It integrates an ...
  4. Device features low phase noise Figure of Merit and supports operation at 5 GHz Peregrine Semiconductor announced it has further expanded its high- frequency product line with the Integer-N PE33241 Phase-Locked Loop (PLL). The UltraCMOS® ...
    RF · Wireless » Peregrine » PE33241
  5. Infineon 's BGA825L6S is a best-in-class Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). It has a package footprint of just 1.1mm × 0.9mm² and offers an extremely low noise figure as well as excellent linearity, ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » BGA825L6S
  6. $35 CC3000 module-based BoosterPack works with both MSP430 and Tiva C Series LaunchPad evaluation kits for fast time to market of new Wi-Fi designs To help professional engineers, hobbyists and university students kickstart the development of ...
  7. Bringing high-efficiency gains to broadcast transmitters NXP Semiconductors announced the availability of its ultra-wideband Doherty reference design using the BLF884P and BLF884PS the industry’s first wideband Doherty power amplifiers ...
    RF · Amplifiers · Wireless » NXP Semiconductors » BLF884P, BLF884PS
  8. The STHVDAC-304MF3 antenna-tuning circuit has a 4-channel output for adjusting up to four tunable BST capacitors in the antenna-matching circuits of multi-band GSM/WCDMA/3G-LTE smartphones. A key feature is support for the MIPI Alliance RF Front ...
    RF · Wireless · Cellular » STMicroelectronics » STHVDAC-304MF3
  9. Custom MMIC is offering a new passive 6-10 GHz I/Q mixer, the CMD182C4. When paired with an external IF hybrid, the CMD182C4 can be used as either an image reject mixer or single sideband modulator, with 5.5 dB of conversion loss and 30 dB of image ...
    RF · Wireless » Custom MMIC » CMD182C4
  10. Tunable RF Components allow smaller volume antennas, reduced power consumption and support increasing mobile data demands in the latest generation of smartphones ON Semiconductor introduced a new family of Tunable RF Components (TRFC) that address ...
    RF · Cellular » On Semiconductor » TCP-30xx, T-103
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