Seeed Studio Offers Free Assembly for 5 PCBs

Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio Offers Free Assembly for 5 PCBs

Seeed Studio is now offering its flagship PCB assembly service at a discount, as they are waiving the assembly costs for orders of 5 PCBs or less.

The Seeed Fusion PCBA service is a one-stop PCB assembly service which includes PCB manufacturing, parts procurement and assembly all packaged into one service. With 10 years of industrial experience, the Fusion PCBA service has served professional engineers, education institutes, Kickstarter projects and hobbyists around the world for their PCB assembly needs. It has been used for a range of applications in the fields of medicine, aviation, telecommunications, consumer electronics, IOT, electronic hobby projects and many more.

When customers use Seeed’s Fusion PCBA service, they no longer have to go through the troublesome and time-consuming process of parts sourcing and soldering, as Seeed Fusion will handle it for them. It sources components from major Global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, and more. Also, as Seeed is based in Shenzhen, its close proximity to a myraid of electronic component suppliers enables it to rapidly source for components locally. Thus, when customers chose components from the Seeed Open Parts Library, which is stocked with more than 15,000 locally sourced components, the lead time can be further reduced to just 7 working days.

With humble beginnings as a maker for makers, enabling everyone to enjoy electronics without the burden of finances has always been Seeed’s ambition. The free assembly for 5 PCBS offer is part of Seeed’s efforts to do so as orders in small quantities can be rather costly. Under this offer, customers do not have to pay for assembly, operation and set-up costs for orders up to 5 PCBA. This means cutomers only have to pay for the materials and components needed, and Seeed Fusion will assemble the board for free.

Most orders will be able to enjoy cost savings of about 80% of the usual price. For example, assembling 5 Seeeduino boards would usually cost over $400. However, this offer would reduce the price tag to a mere $50.

To begin the order, navigate to Seeed’s speical offer page and upload your Gerber file and BOM, and a competiive quote will be generated.

The Free Assembly for PCBs online order page
The Free Assembly for PCBs online order page.

Through this offer, first-tme users of the Seeed Fusion PCBA service can use this opportunity to try out  turn-key PCBA without the risk of serious monetary repurcussions. Hobbyists and anyone else looking to have boards assembled at low quantities can have their designs manufactured at a much lower cost than usual and enjoy great cost savings at the same time.

Experience the convenience of Seeed’s Fusion PCBA service here. The offer is only available once per customer.

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