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  1. Suzanne Deffree EDN The first Intel Pentium processor was shipped on March 22, 1993, kicking off what would become a core line for the company and a well-regarded brand to the public. The name Pentium came from the Greek word pente, meaning five, ...
  2. Junko Yoshida EE Times Tell us who makes the best 10 IoT processors. Is there a table somewhere that lists the top 10 IoT processors? What makes one IoT processor more successful than others? If we assume that the IoT market is picking up momentum, ...
  3. Dharmendra S. Modha IBM TrueNorth's neurons to revolutionize system architecture Six years ago, IBM and our university partners embarked on a quest to build a brain-inspired machine that at the time appeared impossible. Today, in an article ...
    Processors » IBM » TrueNorth
  4. David Blaza For those of us who have been around the embedded business for a couple of years, it's been fun watching the incredible rise of Raspberry Pi, which has now sold over four million boards. The newest Pi 2 (as shown below) ...
    Processors · MCU Open-Source Platforms » Atmel » i.MX6, Nitrogen6x, AM335X, ATSAMA5, Xilinx Zynq, ZedBoard, Snapdragon
  5. Bernard Cole EE Times Synopsys convolutional neural network coprocessor lowers power for vision processing. The growth in embedded vision systems systems that extract meaning from visual inputs is driving demand for more performance- and ...
    Processors » Synopsys » EV52, EV54
  6. Ranjith Parakkal, Uncanny Vision EDN Comparing smart-phone performances - and the SOC and processor cores that drive them - has been a hotly discussed topic of late. More so now, since Intel is trying to challenge ARM in the low-power mobile space ...
  7. Markus Levy, Convergence Promotions Acorn - the Beggining The year was 1979. Atari introduced a coin-operated version of Asteroids. The programming language ADA was born. 3COM, Oracle, and Seagate were founded. TI entered the computer market. Hayes ...

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