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  1. John Powell, NXP Semiconductors Microwave Engineering Europe The latest advances in LDMOS technology have allowed RF power transistors to be employed in systems that were formerly the exclusive domain of vacuum tubes, while also expanding their use ...
    RF » NXP » MRF1K50H
  2. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Part 1 Analysis The plots provide invaluable data on the supply sensitivities at each power pin. VPOS_PLL has the worst power-supply rejection and is therefore the most sensitive power node. This power pin ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  3. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue As more building blocks are added to a radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), more sources of noise coupling arise, making power management increasingly important. This article describes how ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  4. Umesh Jayamohan, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Introduction The design of the input, or front end, of any high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC), especially an RF-sampling ADC, is critical to achieving the desired system-level ...
    RF · ADC, DAC » Analog Devices » AD9625, AD9680
  5. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Now another major vacuum tube product seems poised to fade away: the microwave oven Vacuum tubes disappeared from electronic products years ago. Yet there have been some lingering vacuum tube-based products in ...
    RF · Discretes » Freescale » MHT1003N, MHT1002N
  6. Stephanie Overhoff, Maxim Integrated Products Today’s communication systems like wireless base stations make strong demands on receiver sensitivity and large- signal performance. This article focuses on mixers, and describes key mixer ...
    RF · Wireless » Maxim » MAX2029
  7. Single chip integrates an ARM processor, software defined modem and RF transceiver; supports the growing number of digital protocols The MC13260 System-on-Chip (SoC) Two-Way Radio is a single-chip integrated microcontroller, software-defined modem, ...

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