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  1. Alfredo Medina Mohamed Ismail EDN Power accumulators enable a variety of applications that require average power measurement. One example is real-time measurement of switching converter efficiency, which permits converter efficiency evaluation over ...
  2. Alfredo Medina Mohamed Ismail EDN Part 1 PMIC Power Consumption To prolong battery life, it becomes crucial to monitor PMIC voltage rails and determine system performance based on power consumption. Power accumulation diagnostics can be used to ...
    Supply · Measurement » Maxim » MAX34407, MAXM17504, MAX77650
  3. Vardan Antonyan EDN Few microcontrollers include a DAC. Although you can easily find an inexpensive DAC to control from your microcontroller, you can use unused peripherals instead of adding parts. Fortunately, you can convert a ...
  4. Discretes » Advanced Linear Devices » ALD310700A, ALD310700
  5. Suzanne Deffree EDN The first live trans-Atlantic television satellite broadcast took place on July 23, 1962, and was made via AT T’s Telstar 1 satellite. Telstar had been launched 13 days prior to the broadcast by a Delta rocket from Cape ...
  6. Bethan Grylls New Electronics Augmented reality is an old technology with new hopes and could change the face of electronic design. The markets for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are thriving, with market researcher IDC predicting demand for ...
  7. Full disclosure: These PCBs were provided by PCBWay Obviously I’m going to take some experiments to test these boards and take a look at advantages and disadvantages of these PCBs. Begin with some images: PCBWay PCB Prototyping Service: The ...
  8. By Aldrick S. Limjoco, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Introduction Minimizing output ripple and transients from a switching regulator can be important, especially when powering noise-sensitive devices such as high-resolution ADCs, where the output ...
  9. Microchip Microchip’s robust portfolio and toolchain, with support for Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT enables the creation of connected designs with enhanced security Cloud-connected systems are becoming increasingly important ...
  10. When I need PCB prototype and PCB assembly service, the first manufacturer jumps to my mind is PCBWay because of their good PCB quality and excellent service, for example, due to their 24-hour service, customers can get quick response for any ...
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