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  1. ADC, DAC Radio Analog Devices AD9161 AD9162 AD9163 AD9164
    Daniel E. Fague, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Abstract High speed data converters have been used in communications applications for many years and can be found in much of the equipment that forms the basis of our connected world, from cellular ...
  2. BY DOUG GRANT • K1DG HAM radio today differs greatly from that of past years, but it still offers a fascinating way to explore electronics. Here’s a look at how it has changed and what it has to offer both old hands and newcomers alike. ...
  3. In this article, we point out some important facts in designing RF application PCB boards. Of course there are many other facts that are not listed below but for the beginners these may be enough for now. First of all, separate the analog , RF and ...