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  1. Michael Dunn EDN The name of Dr. Slobodan Ćuk (pronounced, roughly, chook) is familiar to most engineers as the originator of the eponymous Ćuk DC-DC converter architecture, justly famed for its low input output ripple currents, and ability to act ...
  2. Frederik Dostal, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Question: How can I increase the efficiency of my isolated power supply? Answer: For most step-down regulators, also called buck regulators, it is standard in typical applications to use active ...
    Supply » Analog Devices » ADP1074, LTC3900
  3. Cabe Atwell Electronic Design The venerable 78xx series continues to march on in an array of electronic devices, but competition in this space has heated up from multiple companies. It’s become a matter of debate as to precisely when the 78xx ...
  4. Michael Lynch, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Today in our Combo Circuit from the Lab series, we are showcasing an ultrahigh precision programmable voltage source using ADI/LTC products together. The AD5791 with the LTZ1000 , ADA4077 , and AD8675 / ...
    Supply » Analog Devices » AD5791. AD8675. AD8676. ADA4077. LTZ1000
  5. Mangjing Xie Electronic Design Isolated dc-dc converters are prone to excessive in-rush current, but a small soft-start circuit can solve the problem and limit that current. Most dc-dc converters require a soft-start circuit to limit the in-rush ...
  6. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Charge pumps are ideal for designs using a larger, main single-voltage power supply that requires lower-current auxiliary voltage sources, and can handle ICs and components that demand multiple voltages. A charge pump ...
  7. Brian King, Texas Instruments EDN In isolated power supplies, optocouplers pass the feedback signal across the isolation boundary. Optocouplers contain both a light-emitting diode (LED) and a photo detector. Current flowing through the LED results ...
    Optoelectronics · Supply » Texas Instruments » TL431, UCC2897A
  8. Haifeng Fan, Texas Instruments Introduction The demand for boost regulators has increased recently due to emerging applications in automotive, industrial and consumer marketplaces. Examples of new applications include emergency call (eCall) ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM5001, LM5022, LM5121, LM5122, TPS60150
  9. Haifeng Fan, Texas Instruments Part 1 Non-synchronous versus synchronous rectification Figure 7. Synchronous boost regulator. The DC/DC switching regulators shown in the previous examples are all non-synchronous in which a rectifier diode is used. ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM5001, LM5022, LM5121, LM5122, TPS60150
  10. Alan Walsh, Analog Devices Precision measurement is extending into application areas that require greater and greater power efficiency. This is particularly true with the advent of IoT, which is driving greater need for wireless sensor nodes with ...
    ADC, DAC · Supply » Analog Devices » AD7980, ADP5300, ADP7118
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