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  1. Martin Rowe EDN My home has numerous LED bulbs, be them in recessed fixtures, hanging fixtures, and standing lamps. So far two have failed. The first was a BR30 that cycled on an off with temperature, the second was a A19 bulb that gave off far too ...
    Light » AnSC Technology » AP1910
  2. Lux Magazine The transition from sodium to LED exterior lighting over recent years appears to have made global light pollution worse not better, scientists have reported. A team of researchers who studied NASA images say that in the last four years ...
  3. Carolyn Mathas EDN Eugene, Oregon is in the process of swapping out high-pressure sodium bulbs on its residential streets and replacing them with LEDs. The city is spending approximately $850,000 of the $1.5 million project, after a water-board ...
  4. Lux Review Europe The inventor of the blue LED, Dr Shuji Nakamura, says laser diodes are the future of lighting and have compelling advantages over LED. Dr Shuji Nakamura speaking about LED and laser technology at the LuxLive exhibition in London. ...
    Optoelectronics · Automotive · Laser · Light » BF245, 2N3906
  5. Have you ever tried to design a romantic PCB for your lover or an interesting PCB for your children or friends on special day? Why not? PCB also could be an amazing gift which comes from your creativity. Here I’d like to share a romantic and ...
  6. Diotec Semiconductor Standard LEDs are widely used for all kind of lighting purposes such as optical indicators and signal lights, marking lights, display backlights, interior and furniture lighting and much more. New approaches even use standard ...
    Drivers · Light » Diotec » CL15M35, CL20M35, CL40M35, CL15M45, CL20M45, CL40M45
  7. Michael Lyons, NXP Semiconductor In designs that use LEDs, shifter registers can be very useful. For instance, if the system includes a seven-segment display, a single indicator, or an array of LEDs that form a grid or panel, a standard 8-bit shift ...
    Logic · Light » NPIC6C595, NPIC6C596, NPIC6C596A, NPIC6C4894
  8. Don Tuite Electronic Design LEDs are hot in terms of market potential, if not actual temperature. As incandescent lamp bans spread around the world, LED lighting seems to have unlimited potential (see the Table 1). However, the technology has its ...
  9. R. Colin Johnson EE Times Today, white LEDs are not really white, but instead use techniques such as combining the light emission of separate red, blue, and green (R-G-B) LEDs, or coat blue LEDs with yellowish phosphors. Now, researchers at the ...
  10. The current trend, due to the constant increase of energy prices and lack of capacity, is for the management of large industrial enterprises to search for energy saving technology. Energy saving and implementation of advanced energy-efficient ...
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