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  1. Dennis Seguine, Cypress Semiconductor Electronic Design Using a pseudorandom sequence (PRS) generator and some software, you can build a pink-noise generator (equal energy per octave) with 1 dB performance over the audio band, in addition to the ...
    Audio · Oscillators · Measurement » Cypress » CY8C24423
  2. Sachin Gupta, Cypress Semiconductor Electronic Design Using run-time reconfigurable analog and digital logic can enable greater than 100% utilization of available hardware resources, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower system cost When ...
  3. Ronak Desai, Cypress Semiconductors This article explores design techniques and challenges for implementing an electronic bike (E-Bike) built using a microcontroller or Programmable System on Chip (PSoC). Current E-Bike systems use a ...

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