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  1. This publication details circuitry and applications considerations for the LT1533 low noise switching regulator. Eleven DC/DC converter circuits are presented, some offering 100µV output noise in a 100MHz bandwidth. Tutorial sections detail ...
  2. The LT1010 150 mA power buffer is described in a number of useful applications such as boosted op amp, a feed-forward, wideband DC stabilized buffer, a video line driver amplifier, a fast sample-hold with hold step compensation, an overload ...
  3. 6 applications utilizing thermally based circuits are detailed. Included are a 50 MHz RMS to DC converter, and anemometer, a liquid flow meter and others. A general discussion of thermodynamic considerations involved in circuitry is also presented.
  4. This application note describes a number of enhancement circuit techniques used with existing 3-terminal regulators which extend current capability, limit power dissipation, provide high voltage output, operate from 110 VAC or 220 VAC without the ...
  5. This application note describes the unique operating characteristics of the LT1005 and describes a number of useful applications which take advantage of the regulator's ability to control the output with a logic control signal.
  6. By Pinkesh Sachde, Linear Technology Introduction Battery-powered electronics poses multiple challenges to the power system engineer. At a theoretical level, the battery related circuitry (before DC/DC conversion) may be divided into four ...
    Power » Linear Technology » LTC4231
  7. Glen Brisebois, Linear Technology Design Note 473 Introduction Recent advances in low voltage silicon germanium and BiCMOS processes have allowed the design and production of very high speed amplifiers. Because the processes are low voltage, most ...
  8. Paul Rako EDN If you have high-powered LEDS, or a power supply, or are trying to control larger motors, you have to get a lot of heat out of your circuit boards. The classic way to dissipate heat is to bolt your power transistor to an aluminum heat ...
  9. Thomas Mosteller, Aaron Schultz, Linear Technology Electronic Design A simple op amp clipping circuit can limit input-voltage excursions into an ADC, thus preventing input overload and possible damage to the converter. It can be a challenge to ...
    ADC, DAC · Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LT6015, LT6016, LT6017
  10. Steve Taranovich EDN Part 1. Linear's corporate environment EDN: Other companies envy your profitability. Numerous financial journals have commented on that, as well. The corporate environment that you have created seems like an obvious way to have ...
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