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  1. Elliot Williams Hackaday We never have enough peripherals on a microcontroller. Whether it’s hardware-driven PWM channels, ADCs, or serial communication peripherals, we always end up wanting just one more of these but don’t really need ...
    Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATmega328PB
  2. David Blaza For those of us who have been around the embedded business for a couple of years, it's been fun watching the incredible rise of Raspberry Pi, which has now sold over four million boards. The newest Pi 2 (as shown below) ...
    Processors · MCU open-source platforms » Atmel » i.MX6, Nitrogen6x, AM335X, ATSAMA5, Xilinx Zynq, ZedBoard, Snapdragon
  3. Setting the bar even higher Capacitive touchscreens provide an appealing user interface for many applications. However, the real world offers challenges for any portable electronic device, and capacitive touchscreens are no exception. Chargers, ...
    Interfaces · Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATMXT768E, ATMXT540E, ATMXT384E, ATMXT224E

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