The Talking Breathalyzer. Part 1 - Features, Schematic and Demonstration


A customizable Breathalyzer that talks and tells you how much you’ve had to drink. It’s also open source and can easily be modified with your own text on the LCD screen and audio MP3 files.

When tethered to a PC with a USB cable, it has additional features including character animations, Breathalyzer Tweets, text to speech, weather and stock read-outs, and a Photobooth feature.

The Talking Breathalyzer is not a professional Breathalyzer and should be used for Amusement Purposes Only.

Talking Breathalyzer Features:

  • Open Source
  • Portable and PC/USB Tethered Modes
  • Customizable Breathalyzer Audio Responses with user supplied MP3s
  • Breathalyzer Tweets (PC Mode)
  • Weather and Stock Performance Readouts (PC Mode)
  • Photobooth Mode (PC Mode)

Part List

  • Seeeduino or Arduino board dased on Atmel AVR ATmega328
  • Seeed Music Shield
  • Seeed Twig Alcohol Sensor
  • Seeed Twig Serial LCD
  • Seeed Twig Cables
  • 2 GB MicroSD card (cards larger than 2GB will not work)
  • Seeed LIPO Rider
  • LIPO Battery
  • 10k Potentiometer
  • 4 Momentary Switches
  • 1 Off/On Switch (for power)
  • 5 10k Resistors
  • 1 Toggle Switch
  • Enclosure of your Choice
  • Head Phones
  • Mini USB cable
  • USB charger

Schematic Diagram

Talking Breathalyzer Schematic
Click to enlarge

Assembling (a few fotos)

The Talking Breathalyzer

The Talking Breathalyzer

The Talking Breathalyzer

The Talking Breathalyzer

The Talking Breathalyzer


In the next part: schematic and connecting the modules and shields, using the Breathalyzer in Portable Mode, Customizing the Breathalyzer in Portable Mode.

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