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Multichannel drivers driving inductive loads with L99MC6 and L9733

STMicroelectronics » L99MC6, L9733

Application Note AN4402
November 2013

The L99MC6 and the L9733 are respectively hexa and octal multi-channel drivers capable of driving various types of loads: resistive, inductive, capacitive loads and LEDs. They integrate an SPI interface for a high level of configurability, offering detailed device diagnostics and protection features such as overtemperature, overcurrent detection, in order to support robust automotive designs.

The output stages of these flexible devices consist of n-channel MOSFETs. They both have an internal charge pump which allows all the outputs of the L9733 and three outputs of the L99MC6 (outputs 1, 2, 3) to control loads either in high-side or in low-side configuration without additional components. The L99MC6 outputs 4, 5 and 6 are fixed low-side drivers.

Download Application Note AN4402 (674 Kb)

Block diagrams on the L99MC6 and L9733
Block diagrams on the L99MC6 and L9733

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