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  1. Circuits Digital Fairchild NC7SZ57 NC7SZ58
    Glen Chenier EDN You can assemble a pulse-generation circuit from a simple Schmitt-input AND gate plus a resistor-capacitor timing network. However, if you need a logic function that's not a standard catalog item, you need a Schmitt-input gate ...
  2. Anthony Smith EDN The white-LED flasher in Figure 1 offers an alternative approach to a previously published idea ( Reference 1 ). Targeting use in portable appliances and products powered by a single cell, this circuit flashes an LED to provide a ...
  3. A Hunt EDN When I was recently debugging a design, I discovered that a short circuit existed from a ground plane to a power plane. I did not have access to a milliohmmeter or an equivalent tester for locating this type of short circuit. So, I ...
  4. Vladimir Rentyuk EDN Most engineers know that they can use an inexpensive, three-terminal adjustable regulator, such as Fairchild Semiconductor’s LM317 , as an adjustable regulator to only some necessary value of voltage, such as 36 or 3 V. ...
  1. Circuits Supply Power Application Notes Fairchild FGA50S110P FGA15S125P FGA20S120M FGA20S125P FGA25S125P FGH30S130P FGA30S120P FGA20S140P
    Application Note AN-4155 March 2013 Fairchild recently developed a field-stop, shorted-anode, insulated-gate, bipolar transistor (IGBT) product family; ranging from 1100-1400 V and including an intrinsic body diode. Since the intrinsic ...

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