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  1. The basis for this Design Idea is a circuit that uses three resistors and a microcontroller-I/O pin to work as input high impedance or output to independently drive two LEDs ( Reference 1 ). The idea sounded good for this design, mainly because of ...
  2. The purpose of this Design Idea was to improve reliability, add new features, and replace a latching power switch with a momentary one. The features are: The switch has foolproof protection against too frequent switching, which can be harmful for ...
  1. Circuits Oscillators Nexperia 74HCU04 74AHCU04
    You sometimes need an inexpensive VCO that can produce evenly spaced three-phase outputs over a wide frequency range. You could use tracking all-phase filters with only one oscillator, but this technique is difficult to implement and offers limited ...
  2. Circuits Digital Nexperia 74LVC2G241 74LVC2G07
    Bob Marshall EDN In new mixed-voltage systems, it is often necessary to level-shift a control signal from a high level to a low level. An open-drain device, such as the 74LVC2G07 , easily performs this shift. However, when a bidirectional signal ...

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