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  1. .. project uses 7 RGB LEDs arranged in the form of dice.Each RGB LED has three separate LEDs inside so that makes a total of 21 LEDs and they have been controlled by 4 I/O pins of ...
  2. .. DC powered LED lighting circuits can vary from trivial single LED/series resistor combos to simple analog current regulators to ...
  3. .. Beerten Introduction In this page we will introduce a great project designed by Toon Beerten. His project named DIY Led Mood Lamp can become a very interesting add-on for your room that's absolutely sure it will impress everyone. As ...
  4. .. is a easy to build LED lamp circuit for Learning and building skills. This is the first draft schematic V 1.0. It will need improvements ...
  5. .. CMOS CD4017 Johnson counter The circuit is divided into two portions for easy understanding: Logic control (Figure 1) and LED driver (Figure 2). Figure 1. LED controller. The circuit is controlled by a momentary push switch. Until SW1 is ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light » Texas Instruments » CD4017B, TL431
  6. .. Pereira Introduction In this project it was used the Piranha Super-flux RGB LED of common anode, and the PIC18F25K20 , in order to generate combinations of colors. It has two function modes, ...
  7. .. Haidar, Canada The LED and a discrete inductor form an LC tank circuit You can use the inherent capacitance of an LED to make a series ...
  8. .. are two reasons for this. If you look at the board layout you will see that this layout allows to either place SMD leds or LED stripes. So if I wanted to place some LED stripe with a common anode then I would need this setup. The other reason ...
  9. .. components, you can use a highly efficient step-down dc/dc converter to create a constant-current, multiple-channel LED driver. It is relatively easy to drive a single-channel LED; however, it becomes more complicated when driving ...
  10. .. employed in robotics and power electronics. This Design Idea is a novel implementation of this technique for driving white-LED arrays directly from the ac mains in full-wave current-limited mode to realize an excellent flicker-free, ...
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