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  1. I needed a couple of AA batteries and found the display at the supermarket where they were all arrayed. Normally when I’m shopping in the supermarket, I tend to look at the price/kg or price/l when comparing similar products. In the case of ...
  2. By Jim Wilson Allied Healthcare Products Electronic Design Europe Most microcontrollers have a pulse-width modulator (PWM) output that can effectively drive variable output loads such as proportional solenoid valves, motors, or light dimmers. You ...
  3. This project didn’t look complicated but it was. The MCU part is really simple: just some code for the Display, Keypad and DDS Communication. A DDS AD9833 from Analog Devices is a chip that is driven by a hi-frequency oscillator. I used a 50 ...
  4. Part 1 - Specifications and Schematic The data is recorded as the Comma Separate Value (CSV) file to the SD/MMC memory card. The interval between sample is programmable from 10 secs to 60 mins. The optional digital input signal, pulse, and ...
  5. Build a lab-grade data logger with PIC microcontrolller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. A new design of a lab-grade data logger has been developed using a PIC microcontroller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. The data logger provides ...
    Circuits » Automation · Measurement · Microcontrollers usage » PIC18F45K20, LTC2420
  6. This experiment shows how to turn LEDs into light sensors. Since the Blinkenlight Shield has 20 of them this turns the Blinkenlight Shield into a 20 pixel „camera“. Schematics Before I explain why the schematics got their current form ...
  7. William Grill, Riverhead Systems, Greeley, CO; Edited by Paul Rako and Fran Granville -- EDN An eight-pin micro multiplies, monitors, and delivers a boosted voltage to a load The circuit in this Design Idea uses a Microchip PIC12F510 controller to ...
  8. Part 1 - Schematic Part 2 - Construction Notes, Fan Types and temperature sensors A new version (v1.1) of the Windows desktop application is available. The significant differences from the first version (v1.0) are: A new menu item (Program ...
  9. Part 1 - Schematic Buck Converters This is a simple buck converter design and the output contains a lot of switching noise and is not very linear with respect to the control signal. This does not matter as a fan is just an electric motor and does ...
  10. The Intelligent Fan Controller is designed to control the noise generated by the fans inside your computer. It does this by varying their speed based on temperatures measured inside the case. When it is cool the fans will run slowly and they will ...

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