Renesas Electronics Announces Digital Ambient Illuminance Sensor with Industry-Leading Compact and Thin SON Package

Renesas PH5551A2NA1

Renesas Electronics Enters into the Ambient Illuminance Sensor Market with its Advanced Technologies on Photo Detector ICs for CD, DVD and BD Players

Renesas Electronics announced the availability of the digital ambient illuminance sensor, the PH5551A2NA1, with an industry-leading compact and thin package. The PH5551A2NA1 device is the company's first entry into the market for ambient illuminance sensors and incorporates Renesas Electronics' technology expertise accumulated in the development and commercialization of photo detector IC products for CD, DVD, and BD players, a product category where Renesas Electronics enjoys the top market share in the industry. The new device is designed to contribute to improved performance and reduced power consumption, for example by automatically adjusting display brightness for the best viewing experience.

Renesas Electronics - PH5551A2NA1

The PH5551A2NA1 device is a digital ambient illuminance sensor that detects the brightness of ambient light and sends a corresponding signal to a device such as a microcontroller (MCU). By using the PH5551A2NA1 device, system manufacturers can develop more compact and precise automatic brightness adjustment or automatic on/off circuits for digital household appliances and electronics, mobile terminals and handsets, factory automation (FA) equipment, and lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key features of the PH5551A2NA1 device:

Clear mold SON package among the smallest and thinnest in the industry

The PH5551A2NA1 device employs clear mold package design technology and manufacturing technology accumulated over many years by Renesas Electronics in the development and commercialization of photo detector IC products. Its clear mold SON package measures only 1.56 millimeter (mm) × 2.55 mm × 0.55 mm, among the smallest and thinnest in the industry. The gap between pins of 0.5 mm and SON package make it easy to achieve a high mounting density on the printed wiring board.

Reduction to ±20 percent sensitivity variation due to different light sources

An internal circuit performs calculations based on signals from multiple light receivers with different wavelength sensitivity characteristics, enabling a reduction to ±20 percent sensitivity variation due to different light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, LEDs, and incandescent bulbs. This enables control that corresponds to the ambient brightness as perceived by human beings, regardless of the illumination environment.

Enhanced flexibility when used in combination with an MCU

In digital signal output applications for ambient illuminance sensors, two I2C bus slave addresses (identification numbers) are typically assigned, so multiple illuminance sensors can be connected to a single MCU and their uses can be allocated as required.

The PH5551A2NA1 device incorporates an interrupt function that can output a signal to the master device, such as an MCU, when the brightness exceeds a preset threshold value. This eliminates the need for constant communication between the MCU and the sensor and reduces the processing load on the MCU.

Pricing and Availability

Mass production of PH5551A2NA1 is started now. Devices are priced at US$1.20 per unit.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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