Renesas Electronics Introduces Family of 15 Mbps Photocouplers with Industry Leading Features for Harsh Industrial Applications

Renesas RV1S9160A RV1S9060A RV1S9960A

RV1S9160A, RV1S9060A and RV1S9960A Deliver Low Threshold Input Current, High Common Mode Rejection, and Smallest Footprint for Noisy Industrial Environments

Renesas Electronics announced three new 15 Mbps photocouplers designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of industrial and factory automation equipment. The trend toward higher voltage, compact systems is driving stricter International safety standards and eco-friendly solutions that require smaller ICs with lower power consumption. The RV1S9x60A family meets this need with best-in-class low threshold input current (IFHL) ratings: the RV1S9160A (SO5) operates at 2.0 mA, the RV1S9060A (LSO5) at 2.2 mA, and the RV1S9960A (LSDIP8) at 3.8 mA.

Renesas - RV1S9160A, RV1S9060A, RV1S9960A

Lower power consumption allows the RV1S9x60A photocouplers to meaningfully suppress power supply heat generation. And high temperature operation up to 125 °C enables board space savings by mounting the photocoupler near the IGBT or MOSFET power device. The devices are targeted at DC to AC power inverters, AC servo motors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), robotic arms, solar and wind input power conditioners, and battery management systems for energy storage and charging.

The RV1S9x60A photocouplers feature high common mode rejection (noise tolerance) up to 50 kV/µs (min) to protect microcontrollers and other I/O logic circuits from high voltage spikes while transferring high-speed signals. The RV1S9x60A family also offers a variety of packages with the smallest footprint for each reinforced isolation (up to 690 Vrms), and minimum creepage distances of 4.2 mm to 14.5 mm to ensure safe operation.

“Our newest RV1S9x60A 15 Mbps photocouplers provide the ultimate balance of low power, high speed, and high noise rejection today’s customers require,” said Philip Chesley, Vice President, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The devices also comply with and surpass the stringent safety requirements of the UL61800-5-1 and UL61010-2-201 standards, giving manufacturers the best-in-class features and confidence they need to accelerate product development.”

Key Features of RV1S9160A, RV1S9060A and RV1S9960A Photocouplers

  • Low voltage power supply operation of 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Isolation voltage: 3750 Vrms (RV1S9160A), 5000 Vrms (RV1S9060A), and 7500 Vrms (RV1S9960A)
  • High temperature operation from –40 °C to +125 °C (RV1S9160A and RV1S9060A), and from –40 °C to +110 °C (RV1S9960A)
  • Supply current of 2.0 mA max
  • Low pulse width distortion at 20 ns max
  • Propagation delay of 60 ns max; and propagation delay skew of 25 ns max

Pricing and Availability

The RV1S9x60A 15 Mbps photocouplers are available now from Renesas Electronics’ worldwide distributors. Packages and pricing are listed in the table below.

Product Isolation
Input Current
(Creepage distance)
(1,000 units)
RV1S9160A 3750 Vrms 2.0 mA SO5 (4.2 mm) $0.61 USD
RV1S9060A 5000 Vrms 2.2 mA LSO5 (8.0 mm) $0.67 USD
RV1S9960A 7500 Vrms 3.8 mA LSDIP8 (14.5 mm) $1.80 USD

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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