Central Semiconductor's schottky diodes in the TLM2D3D6 package

Central Semiconductor CTLSH01-30 CTLSH01-30L

Central Semiconductor's CTLSH01-30 and CTLSH01-30L are high performing 30V, 100mA Schottky diodes designed for applications where ultra small size, low forward voltage and low reverse leakage losses are optimal requirements. The TLM2D3D6 has a dimension of 0.65mm x 0.35mm and a low profile of 0.32mm making both of these devices ideal for space constrained designs requiring superior energy efficiency and performance characteristics optimized for logic level applications.

Central Semiconductor - CTLSH01-30, CTLSH01-30L


  • Forward current: (IO=100mA)
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Low leakage current


  • DC-DC conversion
  • Volatage clamping
  • Circuit protection
  • Battery power management


  • Energy effciency
  • Space saving low profile package


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