RF6559 4.0V to 4.5V, 915MHz ISM Band Transmit/Receive Module


RFMD’s new RF6559 is a Front End Module (FEM) for 915MHz AMR systems. It contains an integrated three-stage PA with 42dB of gain and typical power output of 28dBm. The RF6559 allows for Tx/Rx on a single antenna via 2 integrated SPDT switches. Tx filtering, built-in Power Detector, and a two-stage LNA with typical gain of 32dB are also included, packaged in a 28-pin, 6mmx6mm laminate package with backside ground.

RFMD - RF6559

RF6559 Functional Block Diagram

RF6559 Functional Block Diagram


  • Tx Output Power: 28dBm
  • Tx Gain: 42dB
  • Integrated Single Port Rx/Tx 50Ω
  • Bi-directional Transceiver Interface
  • LNA with Bypass Mode


  • Wireless Automated Metering
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Portable Battery Powered Equipment
  • Smart Energy
  • 868MHz/915MHz ISM Band Applications
  • Single-Chip RF Front End Module

This product is currently available in production quantities. Pricing begins at $2.84 each for 750 pieces.


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