New Space-Saving Pulse Generators from Supertex for Ultrasound Applications

Supertex HV7360 HV7361

HV7360 and HV7361 Feature Up To 35 MHz Operating Frequency

Supertex introduced HV7360 and HV7361, high voltage, high speed ultrasound pulser ICs with fast return-to-zero (RTZ) outputs. The ICs are designed as space-efficient alternatives to discrete solutions using MOSFET drivers and discrete complementary MOSFET arrays for medical ultrasound applications. The ICs combine controller logic interface circuitry, level translators, MOSFET gate drive buffers, and high voltage, high current P- and N-channel MOSFETs as the output stage in compact, 22-lead, 5mm × 7mm, LFGA packages. HV7361 also features an integrated transmit/receive switch.

Supertex - HV7360, HV7361

HV7360 and HV7361 both feature 2.0ns matched delay times, up to 35 MHz operating frequency, and ±2.5A source and sink currents with up to ±100V of pulse swing. The direct AC coupling topology of these ICs not only eliminates two floating voltage supplies, it also makes designing the circuit board much easier.

Typical RTZ Application Circuit

Typical HV7360 Application Circuit

HV7360 and HV7361 are available in 22-lead LFGA packages (HV7360LA-G and HV7361LA-G). The parts are RoHS compliant. Samples of HV7361LA-G are available from stock. Consult Supertex for samples of HV7360LA-G. Lead-time for production quantities is 4-6 weeks. Pricing is US$4.40 each for HV7360LA-G and US$5.09 for HV7361LA-G, both in 1K quantities.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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