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0.6-4.5VIN, 1.8-5.25VOUT, 3.5-μA, Low Input Voltage, High-Efficiency Boost + LDO

Touchstone » TS3300

The TS3300 is a 1st-generation Touchstone Semiconductor power management product that combines a high-efficiency boost regulator and a low dropout linear regulator (LDO) in one package. The boost regulator operates from a supply voltage as low as 0.6V and can deliver at least 75mA at 1.2VBI to 3VBO, an industry first. The TS3300 LDO’s input is connected to the output of the boost regulator, serving as a post-regulator for the boost, enabling a number of useful functions such as a buck-boost function. In power harvesting or peak load buffering applications, the LDO may post-regulate voltage buffered in a large capacitor or supercapacitor at boost’s output. Finally, the LDO may be operated simply as an on/off load switch. The LDO can deliver up to 100mA output current at a dropout voltage of 255mV and reduce the ripple voltage out of the boost regulator by a factor of 3.

Touchstone - TS3300

The TS3300’s boost section includes an anti-crushTM feature to prevent the collapse of the input voltage to the boost regulator when the input is a weak (high impedance) source. If the input voltage drops below a determined voltage threshold (settable by a resistor divider), the boost regulator switching cycles are paused, effectively limiting the minimum input voltage. Anti-crushTM is useful in applications where a buffer capacitor at the boost’s output can service burst loads, and the input source exhibits substantial source impedance (such as with an old battery, or at cold temperatures).

The TS3300 is fully specified over the –40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in a low-profile, thermally-enhanced 16-pin 3×3mm TQFN package with an exposed back-side paddle.

Touchstone - TS3300 - Boost Regulator Efficiency vs Load Current
Boost Regulator Efficiency vs Load Current


  • Combines Low-power Boost + Low Dropout Linear Regulator (LDO)
  • Boost Regulator
    • Input Voltage: 0.6V- 4.5V
    • Output Voltage: 1.8V- 5.25V
    • Efficiency: Up to 84%
    • No-Load Supply Current: 3.5μA
    • Delivers >100mA at 1.8VBO from 1.2VBI
    • Shutdown Control
  • Anti-Crush Capability
    • Prevents Input Voltage Collapse when powered with Weak/High Impedance power Sources
  • Single-Inductor, Discontinuous Conduction Mode Scheme with Automatic Peak Current Adjustment
  • LDO
    • Adjustable LDO Output Voltage: 1.8V- 5V
    • Dropout Voltage: 255mV @ 100mA
  • 16-Pin, Low-Profile, Thermally-Enhanced 3mm × 3mm TQFN Package


  • Coin Cell-Powered Portable Equipment
  • Single Cell Li-ion or Alkaline Powered Equipment
  • Solar or Mechanical Energy Harvesting
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wireless Remote Sensors
  • RFID Tags
  • Blood Glucose Meters
  • Personal Health-Monitoring Devices

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